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Instructions for registering to the course.


To attend the course you have to go through some initial material and do a short quiz. Since seats for the course are limited, managing well in the quiz makes it more likely that you are selected for the course. Please read and watch the enclosed material and do the quiz. The material you can find behind the links.


Step 2:

Do the quiz. You need to answer to some questions/claims.

Welcome to your Prelearning Quiz

Birth Date:
Home Organization:
ERP has the most direct impact on?
Manufacturing operations can?
Manufacturing products?
Which are the organizational benefits of ERP?
Service organizations products?
Six sigma approach is?
Six Sigma philosophy is about?
The operation functions has major impact on?
Value chain is?
What is ERP?
What is operations management about?
What is the purpose of Six Sigma?
What Lean can do?
What Lean is about?
Which on of the following includes to four lean principles?

Step 3:

After the test, teachers will select participants for the course based on the quiz. Then student can open a distance learning material. Students are expected to learn this distance learning material before intensive program week.