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Welcome to the NordERP project!

NordERP empowers students in a multidisciplinary, multicultural and innovative learning environment. On the intensive study weeks the students tackle problems arising from real life and business.

During the project we implemented 3 intensive courses; two in Finland hosted by Karelia University of Applied Sciences and one in Estonia hosted by Estonian University of Life Sciences.

We came out with a succesful course benefitting from gamification, multicultural learning environments and industrial challenges - and the course will be offered by Karelia in the future, too!

Third and final intensive week was held in March 2019 in Joensuu, Finland.  Second intensive week was held in November 2018 in Tartu, Estonia. First intensive week was held in April 2018 in Joensuu, Finland.


Multidisciplinary intensive course on Enterprise Resource Planning, simulations, gamification and training, 5 CR

NordERP intensive week brings together higher education students and business partners from Finland, Estonia and Norway. The partners develop, test and pilot tools for establishing production simulation environment and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software programme as one of the main tools for integrated teaching of mechanical/manufacturing engineering, business economics information technology and multicultural skills. 

The partners build a learning environment simulating real production process, where students from different disciplines will work together to tackle problems, communicate and learn together as they would be a real working industry team. 

You don't need any previous experience of Enterprise Recource Planning systems!

Intensive week includes:

    • Operations management
    • Enterprise Recourse Planning
    • Lean theory and concepts
    • Simulations
    • Projects mapping
  • Gamification

The week in Joensuu culminates to a trip to beautiful Koli national park and a final party!

Find more information about Koli here:


The course is planned for students of mechanical engineering, business economics and information technology from following learning institutions:


Students who really understand and manage ERP-programme and businesses with a wide scope…

… are valuable for the local businesses.

… will be employed smoothly after graduation as there is an ongoing lack of qualified graduates.

… understand businesses as holistic processes including intercultural communication skills support students transversal skills which will be developed throughout the careers as one part of lifelong learning.