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Results & Materials


NordErp – Intensive Course Introduced

In the above video, the birth story for a multinational and multidisciplinary intensive course model created by Karelia UAS through co-operation between Karelia UAS, Stavanger University and Estonian University of Life Sciences is presented.


C:64 Explorative Case Study on the Utilization of ERP Systems by SME Manufacturing Industry and Educational Sector in North Karelia.
Nevalainen Seppo (2019). 978-952-275-291-8 E-publication

C:60 Evaluation and Quality Assurance NordERP - Northern Embrace for Enterprise Resource Planning System. Vanessa Grace Booc & Liisa Timonen. 2019. 22 pp. 978-952-275-285-7 E-publication

Precourse learning materials

Operations management Albert porter, chapter 1:


Six Sigma:

Lean in 90 seconds: